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Logart Press Publisher

Logart Press Publisher is based in Rome since 1987. Its founder, Lolita Guakil, creates her own publishing Company choosing the name LOGART PRESS as a result of the words LOGO and ART intersected with the initials of her name.  It specializes in Art Publications, with beautifully illustrated volumes spacing in a wide range of contents: Art, Archaeology, History, Sea-life, Nature, Religion, Wines & Food, Popular Traditions, Travels, Academic Books and Journals.

Only a small, well known and refined Publishing House, working with highly qualified staff and the contribution of renowned scholars and lecturers – from major Universities such as La Sapienza University of RomeCa’D’Oro Università di Venezia etc. as well as specialized authors, may be so dedicated in researching unusual themes, in caring for details looking after both the graphic layout and overall quality, as well as the cultural level of the contents themselves which cover a widely international range of topics.

In fact, very rapidly Logart Press obtains international contracts for co- editions (Double-day USA, Larousse- Hachette France etc.), and publishes important works for the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Banks, Private Companies, Museums in Italy and abroad, Unicef, Universities, Scientific Academies etc. receiving numerous prizes for “high quality publishing” such as: Premio Nazionale CIAC per l’Editoria, Premio Diego Fabbri, Premio Orio Vergani, Premio Circeo Mare, Premio Lago Maggiore and The Cross pro Merito Melitense from the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.