arte-iconaArt Books

History, Archaeology, Travels, Theatre, Dance

Beautiful illustrated books on Art and History of Art – written by the most renowned scholars – Academic Books, Art Catalogues, Travel Guides, Precious Manuscript Facsimiles. Chose from The Life and Works of Art by Caravaggio and different books on Old Masters, to Jewels in Art throughout the centuries or The Knights of Malta and Caravaggio or a unique catalogue on Robes, Uniforms and Decorations of the Order of Malta and many others.

i-piaceri-della-vita_iconaThe Joys of Life

mare-natura-iconaSea-Life and Nature

Photography Books, Facsimile reproductions for Bibliophiles

Illustrated Books on Sea-life and Nature from The Vatican Gardens to a History of the Italian Military Fleet in 19th Century paintings and the Sea Maps drawn in the 16th century by Piri Reis, Admiral in Sultan Suleiman’s Reign – Precious facsimile reproductions in numbered and limited editions

mente-e-cuore-iconaMind and Soul

Traditions, Religion and Poetry

Unusual and amusing books to teach children the basics of Religions, all illustrated by watercolours such as la Mia Haggadah, and the now famous Diary of an Angel – In Heaven we live by Emilio Crispo, on life after death; or poetic as the New Testament in Romanesque dialect and unique as the Jewish Holidays – Traditions, Songs and Recipes from all over the world – or The Sacred fire on Weddings in India

lolimapTales from the world

Stories about adventurous travels, passions, intrigues, mysteries and curiosities.

Engaging historical novels such as The Wings of Leonardo da Vinci over the Bosphorous – an intriguing, partly true story about the first man who actually managed to fly building a pair of wings according to Leonardo’s drawings. Epical poems such as On Fishing Paths – sea travels in a new and modern translation from the Greek… Tales told by renowned journalists and writers, small collectable books.

alberello_anastaticheFacsimile Editions



Precious series of rare and old books, reproduced in facsimile with special technical procedures which result in an identical copy of the original, including the withering effect of the paper.
Volumes which are difficult to find, long out of print or simply of great specific interest, are published in limited and numbered editions.
Such as Carte nautiche del ‘500 di Piri Re’is – (15th Century Nautical Charts drawn by Piri Re’is) or a precious illustrated book on Rome Ritratto di Roma Moderna MDCXLV di F.Moneta
(A portrait of Rome in the 18th Century) and a very rare reproduction of Cristopher Columbus’s travels in (The New World) – De Orbe Novo by P.M. d’Angers with the original text in Latin.

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