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History, Art and Nature

ISBN: 978-88-87666-40-3
Authors:  Ambrogio Piazzoni, Giovanni Morello, Luigi Bernardi
Translation from the Italian: Alan Young
Preface: S.E. Cardinale Josè Castillo Lara
Publication Date: 2016
Size cm: 17 x 23
N. of Illustrations: 96 large colored photographs specially taken and several reproductions of old etchings from the Vatican Apostolic Library
Photos: Erika Young
Number of Photos: more than 96 large colored photographs
Paper: glossy gr.170
Binding: soft jacket with flaps printed in colour
Language: English


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A Guide to the Vatican Gardens

This volume tells the story of the Vatican Gardens from its beginnings in Imperial Rome to the present, highlighting the most important changes that have transformed them.. The architects and artists who worked there included Michelangelo, Bramante and Pirro Ligorio. Great Popes were deeply involved in the creation of this marvelous place. This book expresses the historical reasoning that lead to the construction of the various aqueducts, fountains, buildings and fortifications we see today. It describes the most important botanical additions to the Gardens as they were enriched according to the needs and desires of the Popes, resulting in a profusion of sights, colours and fragrances. Above all, the authors have explained the deep spiritual significance evidenced by some of the important monuments such as the statue of Saint Peter or the Madonna of Guadeloupe. Curated by scholars from the Vatican Apostolic Library and the Vatican Museums, the book offers precious help in understanding this Vatican jewel, a UNESCO world heritage site. The suggestive photographs of Erika Young add a stimulating experience to the enjoyment of this oasis of peace and beauty. This first English edition has been translated from the new Italian edition. It includes a detailed map, plant index and instructions for planning a visit. It is perfect for travelers, garden lovers or anyone who wishes to learn more about this complex and unique place in our world.


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