(New Updated Edition)


NEW UPDATED EDITION with the changes decreed by the Sovereign Council

REPRINT available as from OCTOBER 2022

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ISBN: 978-88-87666-47-2
Author: Luciano Valentini di Laviano
In Memoriam of: His Excellency Grand Master Fra’ Marco Luzzago
Pages: 128
New Updated Edition: OCTOBER 2022
Format: cm 21 x 28
Price: €39,00
Photos: Carla Morselli
N. of photos: 280 including all the ones modified by the Sovereign Council
Paper: coated white art paper 170gr
Binding: glossy laminated heavy paperback with book flaps sewn by thread
Language: Italian/English

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Robes, Uniforms and Decorations of the Order of Malta

In the course of its centuries-old history, the Order of Malta has modified the Robes, Uniforms and design of its Decorations many times. Around the white octagonal Cross, unchanged over centuries, a series of symbols has been created in order to identify the various Classes and Grades of membership in the Order of Malta. Symbols which have evolved with reference to specific historical events. During these years, the decrees of the Sovereign Council have modified a few insignia, thus requiring an updating of this publication first printed in 2010 and reprinted in 2014, so as to continue to offer a valid and handy instrument to understand the differences which distinguish the three Classes and the different Categories in which the Members of the Order of Malta are divided.

More than 280 detailed close-up pictures describe the main differences which distinguish the Members in different occasions, in particular in the most recurrent ones, offering an easy comparison between the different Church Robes, the Uniforms and Decorations. A publication which will contribute to render the Order of Malta better known in terms of the traditions of an Institution unique in the world.




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