ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME – 1st edition

The development of Industry and commerce thanks to the 
old Roman Roads

Author: Luigi Bernardi
Pages: 157
Size: 24 x 30
Translation by:Madeleine Grimoldi
N. illustrations: photos in colour, old prints and maps
N. of Photos: more than 80
Paper: 170 grs glossy
Binding: Hard cover with dust-jacket




All Roads Lead To Rome – 1st edition

Would there have been a Europe – this Europe that we now know as our common homeland – without the Roman Roads? Probably not. As a matter of fact, certainly not. Along the roads ordered by Consuls and Generals, laid out by victorious Emperors and watched over by diligent prosecutors – spread out from the Caucasus to the Atlantic, from Great Britain to the Balkans – legions have passed by and with these legions, language as well as rights have passed by; art forms, models for a civilized society, urban customs including public squares and basilicas, with libraries   and theatres, have been spread and assimilated in every direction. The Romans  were the first to carefully examine all possible engineering solutions, the way to build a thick network of itineraries: they strived to create  a grand  globalization, and their roads  made  that feasible.
A History book and a complete Travel Guide, written with great enthusiasm and admirable expertise  by Luigi Bernardi