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History, Artists and Patrons

ISBN: 978-88-87666-15-1
Curator: Stefania Macioce
Authors: S. Macioce, R.Vodret, K. Sciberras, E. Kieven, F. Cardini, G. Morello, L. Sebregondi, G. Aurigemma A. Cavallaro, R.Varese and more
Preface: H.E. Prince Grand Master Matthew Festing,Prof. Emmanuele F. M. Emanuele
Pages: 320
Size in cm: 24 x 29
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Translation by: Georgina Gordon Ham
N. of Photos: 320
Paper: glossy 170 grs.
Binding: hard cover with dust-jacket
Language: Italian-English


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The Knights of Malta and Caravaggio

The millinery history of the Knights of Malta, following their paths along journey from Jerusalem to Malta, to Rhodes and on to Rome. Centuries of constant commitment to their noble cause accompany the prestigious role played by the Order of Malta as Patrons of the Arts, so relevant and impressive as to modify and guide the aspirations of the greatest Artists; from Titian to Piranesi, from Pinturicchio to Mattia Preti. This publication is also a relevant and well documented reconstruction of Caravaggio’s life in Malta when he accomplished his most important works of art; outstanding masterpieces that have opened one of the most exciting chapters of the entire European History of Art.Fully and richly illustrated. Essays and abstracts in English


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