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Humanism in Art and Literature

ISBN: 978-88-87666-35-9
Curators: Nelide Giammarco, Clotilde Paternostro and Marco Gallo
Authors: Maurizio Calvesi, Paul Poupard, Mario Ferrazza, Paolo Rabitti, Carlo Cremona, Claudio Strinati, Erina Russo de Caro,Franco Lanza,Sante Zaccaria, Antonella Greco, Marco Gallo,Fabrizio Clerici, Luigi Bernardi, Tito AmodeiGino Concetti, Cristina Carlo Stella
Preface: Mons. Francesco Marchisano
Pages: 176
Size in cm: 21 x 29
Price: €32,00
N. illustrations: More than 80 reproductions of coloured paintings, b/w drawings and rare documents.
Paper: glossy paper gr. 170
Binding: hardbound with dust jacket
Language: Italian


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Paul VI

About 80 reproductions of coloured paintings, b/w darwings and documents.The humanistic culture of Pope Paul VI, his influence as patron of the Arts promoter of the Nervi Gallery in the Vatican, seen by famous contemporary artists such as Manzù, Fazzini, Ferroni etc





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